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1963 Volkswagen Double Cab Project

Hot Rod: Project Update: Prestone’s 1972 Javelin AMX by Ringbrothers

August 9, 2017

"One of the project’s we’ve been anticipating for the past several months, Prestone’s 1972 AMC Javelin AMX is being built by Ringbrothers and has made some excellent headway since we were introduced to the project."

An Overview of the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro "VALKYRJA"

April 14, 2020

Check out some of the details on the 1969 Camaro we unveiled at the SEMA Show in 2019.

Hot Rod Magazine: The Ringbrothers’ G-Code Camaro is a 1,000hp Carbon Fiber and Billet Rocket

January 17, 2017

"The Ringbrothers latest Camaro creation, this customized 1969 model, dubbed G-Code, elicits responses like no other car we’ve featured in recent memory."

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